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Newsletter 3: Embracing The Journey


2024 has proven to be quite intriguing thus far. In just two weeks, I've gone from one of my lowest points to a personal high. While I'm still deciphering the exact reasons behind the low, my contemplation increasingly points towards the frustration of not being where I aspire to be. This realization alone catapulted my mind into a state similar to feeling stuck in a looping tunnel while sprinting. It seemed as though I was exerting maximum effort to reach my goals, yet no progress was being made.

This concept is undoubtedly relatable, as I'm sure many of you have experienced similar sentiments in your lives. When caught in a rushed state, grappling with frustration and the desire for instant change, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters. This repetitive cycle can do more harm to your mental state than good, leading you to invest energy in unproductive areas, lose direction, and, worst of all, distance yourself from your true identity and purpose. I found myself trapped in this cycle for about a week until I reached a breaking point and realized that change was imperative.

With the primary goal of my social media journey being to teach and inspire, I wanted to share exactly how I broke free from this cycle in hopes to provide value to you on your journey.

Slowing Down: Imagine running through the dark, looping tunnel we discussed earlier. With each loop, anxiety and fear intensify, and your heart races as you realize there's no easy way out. Slowing down is essential to regain focus on what matters. I significantly reduced my time on social media, ceased editing and posting two videos a day, and spent more time in self-reflection to clarify where my energy should be directed.

Sitting With Myself/Meditating: This goes hand in hand with slowing down. As I listened to my thoughts during activities like running, walking, or meditation, a sense of ease washed over me. I delved deeper into the concept of individuality, realizing that being true to oneself is crucial. Many individuals, myself included, struggle with external influences shaping their identity and perceptions of happiness and success. Embrace your uniqueness, find your why, and hold it close.

Putting More Time & Energy Into Priorities: I shifted focus from merely generating content in the gym to enjoying my exercise time. I began writing from the heart, sharing valuable experiences on social media. Prioritizing my well-being, I incorporated practices like meditation, breathwork, journaling, and organized my work and habits more efficiently.

Trusting the Process & Valuing the Journey: Instead of solely focusing on distant future goals, I learned to appreciate the small daily improvements. While I may not set specific daily goals, understanding what needs to be accomplished within 24 hours helps me recognize the value of each day's efforts. I acknowledged that the journey of self-improvement is ongoing, and the small victories matter.

While the journey to self-improvement is perpetual, and answers may be elusive, I hope sharing this experience adds value to your lives.

As mentioned earlier, if a Notion Daily Agenda could benefit you, feel free to use the template I created.

Directions: Visit the link above → click the duplicate button in the top right → then when you have the template go to “settings and members” in the top left → go to my settings → change the appearance to dark.

Wishing you all the best on your journey,

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